Ducks to Rabbits Compass

Ducks to Rabbits Compass

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Here is a truly amusing effect for your close-up, walkabout or children’s show, based on the well-known comedy silk in which a duck picture turns into a rabbit – but now made as a comical Duck to Rabbit Compass routine.

You turn the compass in your hand showing a duck on each side, both seem to be flying to your right. However as your humorous patter story unfolds – one duck is now flying to your right and the other duck is flying to your left and is also upside down.

Matters are put right and the ducks are soon both flying in the same direction again but more problems follow as one duck is now flying in the correct direction but the other duck is now crash landing towards the ground!

Fed up of the flying problems they are having, the ducks decide to work some magic and both turn themselves into a rabbit hopping in the same direction – which explains why you don’t often see ducks flying and rabbits never do!

The compass is small enough to fit into your pocket but large enough to be seem by a group of people at a dining table or a number of children at a birthday party.

Comes complete with laminated compass (approx 7.5", 19cm square) & instructions.

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