Marble-Lous Penetration

Marble-Lous Penetration

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An incredible visual penetration your audience will love!

A marble-sized plastic ball is given for examination, together with a square of holographic card. It is clear that the square of card is perfect and intact and will bare the most rigid examination.

The small ball is balanced in the centre of it. Your hands are shown completely empty as you place the holographic card on top of an ordinary cup, beaker or tumbler.

“Watch!” And you push on the ball and plop! It magically passes right through the solid card dropping into the beaker beneath!

Beaker, holographic card and marble can at once be picked up by a spectator without your touching either of them and examined. Marble-Lous Penetration is thoroughly baffling yet very easy to do.

Eddie also gives his routine in which the marble penetrates through the tray of an ordinary matchbox allowing the trick to be performed anywhere-anytime. There is also a wonderful additional effect where the ball penetrates through a handkerchief.

Any trick can immediately be repeated if desired.

Comes complete with props & instructions.

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