Invisible Die

Invisible Die

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A splendid close-up effect with a novel premise. You show a small wooden box with a transparent lid and claim that it contains, “An invisible die”.

The die is dropped into a spectator’s hand and they are told to roll it a few times and call out the numbers they throw – going along with your idea they agree, and a different number comes up each time.

You write a prediction and drop it inside the wooden box that is then closed.

From a pack of playing cards several are laid out in a row across the table and the spectator is requested to roll the die “one last time” freely calling out their final number between one and six – no force.

The spectator is allowed to count along the cards from either end and push out the card at their freely selected number. The rest of the cards are shown to be all different.

The freely chosen number of the die and the total number of spots on the card are now added together and then called out for everyone to hear.

Anyone opens up your prediction (no exchange or extra prediction papers are used) incredibly you have exactly predicted the chosen number!

Can easily be adapted to a fortune-telling theme in which you appear to predict their lucky number.

Comes with the unfaked box & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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