Forcing Labels

Forcing Labels

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When Maurice Fogel was looking for a good forcing method for his incredible effect Cheating The Gallows he found there was nothing to beat Rob Bromley’s wonderful idea of luggage labels on which he wrote the numbers from one through to five.

We supply these special labels in sets of five so that you can write anything that you may wish to force with a marking pen. This can be numbers, names, cities, countries, colours, celebrities, politicians – almost anything that you can think of.

For this description I will stick to the numbers one through to five as featured in all the top theatres and cabaret venues by the late and great Maurice Fogel. You show five luggage labels – the type that you tie with a cord to your suitcase when travelling. Each label is clearly shown to contain a single number from one through to five. The labels are mixed together and any spectator can freely take hold of any cord pulling a label out from within the bundle, the chosen number they can then freely display to the rest of the audience.

Despite the obvious free choice – you have forced the very number that you wished them to choose!

Rob Bromley’s Forcing Labels are useful in many ways – even some that you may invent for yourself. The method is absolutely safe and sure-fire so is ideal for those performers who wish to feature ‘Russian Roulette’ style effects using nooses, guns, broken bottles, spikes etc.

The special set of labels that we supply (together with instructions for use) are all blank so you can write anything that you like upon them. The force looks completely natural and is very easy to perform.
Highly recommended by top professionals worldwide.

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