Impromptu Out Of This World

Impromptu Out Of This World

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The Paul Curry Effect: You remove a red and a black playing card from a pack and place them faces upwards about twelve inches apart upon the table.

The rest of the pack is handed to a spectator and you ask him to deal cards faces downwards onto these two cards without looking at their faces – the spectator is to try and guess if the cards are red or black as he deals them out.

About halfway through the pack you stop the dealing and place a face up red card on the black pile and a face up black card on the red pile thus the spectator is to change direction when he deals the balance of the pack.

The spectator shuffles the cards and continues to deal until all the cards have run out. The audience’s reaction when the cards are checked and it is revealed that all the cards have been exactly separated into red and black by the spectator is that they have witness one of the strongest magical effects ever!

Thousands of magicians have performed Out Of This World to good effect over the past fifty plus years – it has been described as the best card trick ever invented. But most magicians found that it had three problems for present day audiences:
1.It could not be performed impromptu with a borrowed pack.
2.The change of direction half way through lacked logic.
3.The final turnover of the cards at the climax of the trick was somewhat suspect to a keen observer!

I am very pleased to say that in the fantastic impromptu version of this extraordinary effect these snags have been ironed out completely, what is more Impromptu Out Of This World involves the entire audience and keeps them on the edges of their seats until the final incredible revelation.

It truly is a perform anywhere-anytime effect that you will love to feature. Get it today!

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