Psi Numbers

Psi Numbers

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Could YOU remember the above number? It consists of fifteen digits, well maybe you could! But what about remembering a whole array of different fifteen-digit numbers? In Psi Numbers you not only appear to be able to remember each and every number but you are able to receive them ‘telepathically’ while a spectator concentrates on any one – and there is NO FORCE of any kind used, they really do have a free choice!

Consider this outstanding effect: From your pocket or wallet you take a number of folders as supplied by the Institute of Memory to help improve your ability to commit long numbers to mind. Each folder contains a different number and please note they can be freely shown and examined – each and every number really is different.
Explaining that you purchased this memory set to develop your own memory and after a few tries you discovered that you could also reveal the numbers by ESP – the folders are mixed together and any spectator chooses any folder which they open and concentrate on the long fifteen-digit number inside. Slowly at first and gaining speed you appear able to read their mind and call off the long number without error – do it again? Why certainly, and remember there is absolutely no force, in fact, you can repeat it several times! If you so wish you can even finish off the routine with a truly stunning prediction of the final selected number!

Psi Numbers comes complete and ready to perform; it is very easy to do and requires little or no memory work so you can feature it straight away.

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