Auto-Magic Prediction

Auto-Magic Prediction

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This is great for close-up, walkabout and all small audiences! You show three jumbo sized (5.5 x 4 inches) laminated pictures of auto-mobiles each a different colour and style plus an envelope that you claim contains your prediction.

Any spectator chooses one of the cars and you remove your prediction picture – which exactly matches their selection – but oh dear what is this?

The observant spectator catches sight of a second card in the envelope and wants to see what it is – after a bit of by play you reluctantly remove it showing the envelope to be completely empty (it can be passed for examination) and you show that this second card is quite innocent to a good laugh!

Still not satisfied, they wish to see what is on the opposite side of the card and they are in for a big surprise resulting in an applause-pulling climax!

Auto-Magic Prediction is an excellent value for money trick that is easy-to-do and you will love to use it time and again!

Comes complete with the colourful cards & instructions.

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