Indian Yarn Mystery

Indian Yarn Mystery

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You show four lengths of heavy woollen yarn counting them singly from hand to hand. A spectator takes two and you take the other two.

Suddenly you blow on your two pieces and they instantly become one long length and your hands are completely empty! The yarn can immediately be passed around for examination.

This stunner has baffled many well-known magicians as there are no loose pieces to get rid of – just one long length of yarn.

The spectator blows on his two pieces of yarn but nothing happens – he still holds two separate pieces!

In the fun routine that follows you take the spectator’s two loose pieces and say that you will show him how to magically join them together, to everyone’s amazement the spectator’s two loose pieces become instantly joined into one complete length and in his own hands, again your hands are immediately shown empty, and yes, this long piece of yarn can be passed for examination as it is perfectly and mysteriously whole.

Ideal for your close-up work and is always a winner when performed for both children and adults – please don’t pass it by because of the small price charged – it has truly stood the test of time with many performers.

*No extra ends to get rid of and no thumb tips or similar.
*Work it anywhere – it is completely foolproof.

Comes complete with Eddie’s routine, long pieces of yarn & illustrated instructions. Very easy-to-do!

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