Afghan Bands

Afghan Bands

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Afghan Bands has been featured by magicians worldwide for a good many years!

The two different presentations suitable for both children and adult’s shows make it excellent entertainment that both you and your audiences will thoroughly enjoy.

Three loops of paper are shown which are cut right through with a pair of scissors length-ways by spectators.

The first loop becomes what everyone expects, two separate paper bands.

The second loop when cut in the same manner becomes two more intact paper bands and to everyone’s complete amazement they are both LINKED TOGETHER.

The third loop when cut in exactly the same way, to everyone’s astonishment becomes ONE LARGE INTACT LOOP double the size of the original one!

You can use any pair of scissors and either coloured tissue paper or newspaper to make the loops, positively no skill required.
Comes with instructions & two marvellous routines.
Special offer: FREE set of two pairs of craft scissors with this trick, suitable for use with Afghan bands & in your children’s shows, whilst stocks last. First come first served!

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