Monkey Business

Monkey Business

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You show two sets of cards – ten have pictures of bananas on them and ten have pictures of different animals. A spectator is given the banana cards to hold or they can be left in full view on the table.

You now have the birthday or another child to simply think of one of the animal cards – no one else knows which animal is being thought of. Now there is loads of fun in which you and the rest of the audience try to guess the animal – despite many obvious clues you fail – while the rest of the audience are now certain it is a Monkey. A magic word is uttered.

The animal cards are slowly counted from hand to hand and shown back and front … one card is missing … the thought of Monkey card has vanished without a trace! The banana cards are fanned face down and THE MISSING MONKEY IS NOW FACE UPWARDS IN HIS FAVOURITE PLACE AMONGST THE FACE DOWN BANANA CARDS!

Please note the following points:
·Extremely easy to do requiring no difficult moves.
·No palming or sleights are required.
·No rough & smooth, wax or similar sticky substances used.
·Ideal for small parties and walkabout situations especially where children are present.

Supplied complete with laminated picture cards and all ready for you to work. Highly recommended as an easy-to-do baffling mystery.

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