Magic Card aka Vanishing Pack of Cards

Magic Card aka Vanishing Pack of Cards

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You show a pack of playing cards inside its case – the top of the case is opened and it is seen filled with cards – in fact, you take one of the cards out and replace it back with the others.

Next you show a simple black frame with a large open window explaining: “This is to protect my pack from damage!” And you openly insert the pack inside this frame, as you continue: “At even the hint of any danger – should it for example accidentally drop out of my pocket and about to be run over by a steam roller – the special protection case causes the pack to vanish without trace.”
You now show the skeleton case and the pack has indeed vanished without a trace – it is nowhere to be seen!
“The pack always reappears in my pocket ready for me to perform my magic!” So saying, you reach into your pocket and remove your regular pack of cards and go into your favourite series of card tricks. (You supply the real pack.) Very easy to do!

Magic Card is a low cost copy of this popular (and expensive) effect; it is supplied ready to perform at a bargain price.

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