Tarot Stretch with regular playing cards

Tarot Stretch with regular playing cards

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Tarot Stretch is an easy to do and a visually impressive effect that requires no sleight of hand, has almost instant reset and is suitable for all sorts of occasions.

Effect, Patter and Presentation: “An old Magician I know- he was so old his toupee turned grey – he lived to be 100 years old, and he owes it all to mushrooms. He never ate them. He remembered all the old illusionists, Houdini, Dante – you name them he had copied them. He told me about all the old illusions – cutting a woman in halves, head guillotine illusion, burning a woman alive – they were great shows for children. One he told me about was called stretching a person – I always wanted to do that but couldn’t afford the insurance. Tonight however I would like to show you my miniaturised version of this famous illusion using three playing cards – one picture card will be the victim – er assistant – the other two cards will form the magician’s magic cabinet”.

Here you show three cards fronts and backs. The picture card is placed face upwards between the other two face down cards.

“I once performed this in an instant food restaurant – you got instantly sick the moment you ate it – I hope this trick doesn’t make you feel sick – we will now stretch the assistant inside the cabinet!” Immediately you stretch the picture card so that both ends are sticking out of the cabinet formed by the two cards.

“But all is well in the end as the assistant is returned to normal to tremendous applause from the audience!” You spread the cards and they are shown as normal back and front once again.

“I wanted to perform this at home on my mother-in-law but we had a very blessed event she left and all I had was three normal cards once more!”

Supplied ready for you to perform.

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