Classic Ring & Cord

Classic Ring & Cord

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This classic effect is available once again now better than ever! This is without a doubt one of the greatest sure-fire close-up & street magic tricks in the world.

You hand out a large 3.0cm (1") solid metal ring, a small magic wand and a piece of cord to be closely examined by your audience.

Any spectator threads the ring onto the cord so that it dangles in the centre, and covers it with their own handkerchief – two spectators each hold one end of the cord – it is clear that it would be impossible for the ring to escape without cutting through the cord.

Under these secure conditions you reach up under the handkerchief with the magic wand – when the handkerchief is removed it is seen that you have further secured the ring by taking the cord twice around it and locking it further in place with the magic wand while the ends of the cord have been securely held.

Any spectator now removes the magic wand and waves it mysteriously around the ring and cord when you, using just your thumb and finger of one hand take the ring and pull it clean off the cord while the participants are still holding each end!

The ring, cord and wand are now left with the spectators to examine to their heart’s content – they won’t find a clue to this miracle penetration. Possibly the finest pocket trick ever invented!

Comes complete with instructions. Ring and colour may vary.

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