Magic Wishing Ring

Magic Wishing Ring

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You show a large colourful plastic ring together with a coloured rope both of which can be examined and please note they are not gimmicked in any way and nothing is added or taken away.

To an interesting patter line you thread the ring onto the rope and two spectators hold the ends of the rope – while you demonstrate that it is impossible to remove the ring from the rope thus held. As double security the rope is now threaded a second time.

Explaining that this is a special magic wishing ring and the birthday child (or adult) can take hold of the top end of the ring, close their eyes and make a secret wish – your audience will love this; trying to guess for themselves what the secret wish might be!

Now you explain that if the wish is to come true a little magic is required – everyone says a magic word (or sings the birthday song) and the birthday child is invited to pull on the ring!

Immediately the magic works as the ring is visually seen to penetrate right off the rope – this is truly spectacular and amazing to behold!

If you perform at birthday parties, weddings or any special celebrations or functions then this is perfect for you and at the small price charged you cannot afford to be without it. It is very easy to do.

Comes with the large colourful ring, coloured rope, special illustrated method and entertaining routine that you will really enjoy performing.

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