Ment Easy (Edwin Hooper)

Ment Easy (Edwin Hooper)

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You pass out five plastic key tags for spectators to write upon them anything they choose. We suggest their birth date, their Zodiac Sign or a simple drawing. All the tags are mixed together by a spectator and then handed back to you, the performer.

Not only can you locate each person in turn by appearing to analyse their handwriting but also if you wish you can give each one their own personalised reading.

Or have five spectators each take a finger ring or key from their person and attach them to a key tag – then picking up their personal vibrations from the article you correctly identify each individuals in turn handing back their ring or key correctly!

Ment-Easy can be used to reveal birth dates, Zodiac signs,
Q & A, living & dead tests, graphology, brain writing, character impersonations, truth or lie tests & many more.

Ment-Easy is one of the best solutions to Ted Annemann’s famous ‘Pseudo Psychometry’ effect ever and comes to you in a neat and easy to carry style, so that you can appear to perform it almost impromptu – anywhere – anytime.

Ideal for stage, cabaret or close-up work.

So simple and yet very effective you will be performing Ment-Easy just as soon as you read the instructions – it takes test conditions mentalism to a new era. For the serious Mentalist, comedy performer and close-up worker Ment-Easy is an absolute MUST HAVE and at this price you just cannot afford to be without it!


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