Hypnotic Ropes with Regular ropes

Hypnotic Ropes with Regular ropes

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Hypnotic Ropes is a wonderful dressing for Tarbell’s outstanding effect Professor’s Nightmare.

Now with Eddie’s superb patter routine, this is a cinch for laughter and applause. This is the exact routine Eddie taught to John Lennon of The Beatles.

The outfit consists of three regular ropes with bound ends to prevent fraying. They are odd lengths, one short, one medium and one long piece of rope. You can allow your spectators to examine them to their heart’s content.

To the delightful patter routine, one rope magically becomes longer and one becomes smaller, until all three ropes are exactly the same length. This happens VISUALLY and right before the spectator's very eyes!

Then to a terrific tag line, all three ropes magically change back to their original sizes of short, medium and long.

The ropes can again be examined as they are completely unfaked!

In fact it is the perfect rope trick as nothing else is added or taken away. No extra lengths of ropes. No secret extra loops or gimmicks. No sleeving or bodywork. No exchange of ropes.

You will learn this in just one evening, just like John Lennon did, then love performing it for life! A feature effect that is ideal for close-up, walkabout and stand-up performances.

Two alternative routines are also explained, one concerning a Psychiatrist or Psychologist & also an excellent routine for your children’s shows about three wiggly worms.

Now available in regular ropes size or de luxe thick ropes (see elsewhere on our website).

Comes complete & all ready to work with the regular ropes, instructions & a wonderful professional patter presentation.

Also please see Professor's Nightmare on this website.

Sold at a bargain basement price!

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