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Tarot-Logic is an adaptation of an unusual effect with a psychic approach by Tommy Fredricks that he called Symbologic. Eddie first marketed this in the 1960s. It is now supplied with beautiful eye-catching Royal Tarot Cards.

This remarkable effect is performed with your back turned and the participant freely shuffles a number of Tarot cards – turning some face up and some face down.

The participant then concentrates on just one symbol, then again moves cards at will, freely cuts the packet and hands it to you behind your back.

You now face the spectators and keeping the cards still behind your back, you explain that an experienced Psychic can sense the vibrations given off by the Tarot cards and by using Psychic Subliminal Thought Control, (yes, you read that right!)you have caused the spectator to choose the very Tarot card you wished them to merely think of.

You now bring the Tarot cards from behind your back and spread them face upwards to show that you have now righted all the cards face upwards under these impossible conditions – that is except one single card that is still face down, the participant takes this one face down card from the spread.

You ask them to name the Tarot card they merely thought of and then turn over the face down card they hold in their own hands it is the very card they have just named!

All this without your seeing the cards at any time. No skill required. Everything can be examined both before and after the effect – actually TWO stunning effects in one routine!

Comes complete with ten quality Royal Tarot cards & instructions.

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