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Bizarre magic is becoming increasingly more popular with both audiences and performers alike. Mort is based on our best selling stunner ‘Witch Finder General’ but using a totally different theme.

“Death and taxes are the only certain things in life”,says our bizarrist, “Popular belief is that cats have seven lives but most people don’t realise that human beings also have seven chances of life!”

So saying, you show seven A6 size cards each of which has a Skull on its topmost side. Any spectator mixes the cards and lays them out in any order on the table with the Skulls showing.

Pointing the “finger of fate” at six of the Skulls and they are eliminated in a haphazard way but each are turned over first to show that the spectator has burned up one of their seven lives avoiding being hanged, axed or shot at dawn and so on.

Only one of their seven lives are left and we won’t give away the ending here – save to say it is first class entertainment that you will enjoy performing and do so often. There is no reset and the laminated cards can be examined. Dead easy to do. Highly recommended by Count Dracula!

Comes with seven A6 sized laminated cards & instructions. An alternative finish is also supplied for repeat performances.

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