Banknote Penetration

Banknote Penetration

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Banknote Penetration is a stunning close-up effect that can be carried in your wallet and is always ready to perform.

Watch your audience’s eyes pop out when you show two banknotes and interlock them together by folding one within the other.

Ask a spectator to blow on the notes and as soon as he or she does so, one note seems to magically melt through the other one!

Comes ready to perform with two stage notes but once you know the clever secret you will easily make it up with real currency in just a few minutes.

Or use it with stage notes and explain that you have to do this as your wife goes through real money quicker than you can!

Carry it in your wallet, pocket or purse & you are always ready to perform. Very easy to do!

There’s no doubt about it – this is a real winner that you are going to love showing and when you look at the low price we are charging you will be even more delighted.

Only £5.99

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