Double Flower Tray - Odd Bin Item

Double Flower Tray - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. A truly startling and visual effect!

A wooden tray is shown on both sides. You take a handful of confetti throwing it into the air and reach out to catch some confetti on your tray and SURPRISE for suddenly the empty tray is OVERFLOWING with colourful spring flowers!

But that is not all, you can immediately repeat the effect using the same tray and producing a second bunch of spring flowers.

The sudden appearance of the pretty flowers overflowing on the tray is both startling & dramatic.

This terrific tray can be used in many other ways;
*Drop a colourful silk on the tray & wham! it changes colour.
*Short lengths of ribbon can become joined.
*Ribbon loops become linked together.
*Cut & restored effects are really easy to do.
*You could even exchange billets in your mentalism show.

Comes with the well-made special double change Tray & instructions. Use your own spring flowers, ribbons etc. 1 in stock

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