Smiley ESP

Smiley ESP

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Everybody falls in love with our very own Smiley ESP, which has instant appeal for all ages – you are truly going to enjoy performing it for both young and old alike. It is so very different and with an easy to understand plot that even young children can follow!

You show three cards approximately 10x14 cm (4x5.5 inches) with a different coloured Smiley oval-shaped face printed on each one; the colours are red, yellow and blue. The cards are laminated for long life.

Each Smiley is inserted into a coloured card holder leaving about one third of the card protruding from the top – so the cards are kept in full view of the audience at all times.

The holders are now mixed together so that no one knows the order of the concealed Smiley inside each one. Next you introduce three lengths of ribbon also coloured red, yellow and blue and a spectator chooses which ribbon is attached to the top of each Smiley card. Please note that the spectator themselves attaches the ribbon so there are no and’s, if’s or but’s involved and yes they do have the opportunity to change their mind.

When the three Smiley cards are removed from their holders (which can be immediately passed for examination as they are completely unfaked) it is seen that the spectator has correctly identified each coloured Smiley and fastened the correct matching coloured ribbon to all three!

Please note the following:
*Only three Smiley cards are used, no extras or sleeve cards and no half cards, flaps or similar are utilised.
*Only three lengths of ribbon are used – no exchange or false pieces. They are attached to the cards with unfaked paper clips.
*Only three cardholders are needed and they can be examined both before and after the effect.

As far as we have been able to assert this method has never been used before and we are certain it can be adapted for many other wonderful effects and routines.
Easy to do. Supplied complete and ready for you to perform.

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