Ribbon Through Body

Ribbon Through Body

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A spectacular illusion that you can carry easily in your pocket that is ideal for your walkabout, cabaret, stage or children’s performances. New improved method!

A long double loop of ribbon is wrapped around a spectator’s waist from back to front. Two other participants each loop a length of rope through rings at the ends of the ribbon.

You count to three and the two participants pull and the double ribbon appears to instantly pass right through the spectator’s middle being stretched out in front of her in a most spectacular and remarkable manner!

We cannot recommend this item too strongly. Can be performed with adults or children from the audience. The ribbon can appear to penetrate your own body if you prefer to present it this way. A visible ‘sawing in halves’ illusion that can be carried in your own pocket! This is a must have item.

Supplied complete with Eddie's Exclusive routine and instructions all ready for you to perform.

*No fakes or extra items are used. This does NOT use a split ring as in previous methods.
*Everything can be examined before and after.
*Easy-to-perform and very startling to witness.
*Ideal for outdoors, circus or walkabout.

We have sold this item for many years at £12.50 fortunately we can now get them made abroad much cheaper than if we manufactured them ourselves and so now we can pass the savings on to you at an almost give away price, Ribbon Through Body has to be one of the magical bargains of the year!

Only £9.95

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