Totally Canned

Totally Canned

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Comedy magic is king. Here we release for the very first time a wonderfully amusing routine first originated by Eddie in 1996 that you will be featuring straight away.

You borrow a banknote, a finger ring and a watch from various members of the audience. Unfortunately in a series of mishaps the three borrowed items are ‘accidentally’ damaged and go missing without trace.

Passing rather quickly onto your next effect you introduce several tins of fruit and vegetables one of which is selected by a member of the audience.

The selected can is opened with a tin opener and low and behold all the actual missing items are found inside and can be reclaimed by their owners!
Please note the following points:
·The items sealed inside the can are the actual items borrowed and their owners can mark them. No duplicate articles are used.
·The special can is re-sealable and can be reset in a moment so no replacement cans are necessary.
·The borrowed objects can be vanished/destroyed in your own favourite way – but we make suggestions for easy-to-do methods using ordinary everyday objects.

Totally Canned comes complete with Eddie Burke’s hilarious comedy routine.

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