Card Through Borrowed Bill

Card Through Borrowed Bill

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You freely display a playing card and a PVC folder to the spectators. Now you borrow a banknote and fold it along its long edge, with one half a little wider than the other and place the folded note inside the folder with the ends projecting on both sides and visible at all times.

You now insert a corner of the playing card inside the folded banknote and push it. The corner projects out from the top of the folder apparently penetrating right through the note! The folder and banknote are freely displayed with the card clearly piercing through the note. You then push the complete playing card through the banknote, and out from the top of the folder.

Taking the note from the folder you show that it is completely unharmed! The banknote is returned to its owner who can examine it thoroughly. If we priced our magic for the stunning reaction it produces this would be worth at least ten times what we charge.

Comes complete with card, folder & instructions. Use any borrowed paper money.

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