Hot Flip Flop

Hot Flip Flop

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Marvillo’s Hot Rod or Bomba Stick is a simple and extremely popular magician's pocket trick. Hot Flip Flop is an amusing and visually appealing novelty.

We have combined the visual appeal of the Flip Flop with the popular Hot Rod theme, to make a novel platform or stage magic effect, which can be presented for a much larger audience, at a price less than you would pay for just a model of Marvillo’s Hot Rod!

You display an accordion pleated set of boards or panels, with six different coloured miniature glitter "fans" attached to them. When the panels drop open the fans expand making for a striking visual display.

A spectator selects one of the six colours. (Colours vary). With a simple twist of the wrist, all the different coloured fans change to the selected colour!

The Flip Flop action makes this a very novel visual display as the panels tumble down, and all the fans change to the selected colour.

Comes ready to use, with detailed instructions, so that you can use it as soon as you read the "how".

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