Spike Through Tongue - Extra

Spike Through Tongue - Extra

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Not for the faint-hearted! The performer pushes a solid steel spike through his tongue.

After the spike has penetrated, the tongue is displayed with the spike going through it in a most convincing manner. Finally the spike is removed, and the tongue is totally unharmed with no holes or blood!

This is similar to the Nail Through Finger gag, but used as an authentic mystic feat by Indian magicians. Convincingly presented, it has a very strong impact on the audience.

Because of the nature of this effect it is recommended that you use some discretion regarding the audience this is performed for. It is most certainly not an item to be performed where children with impressionable young minds are present.

Comes with stainless steel rust-proof spike & instructions. In our kit you receive the special gimmicked spike and an extra matching spike that can be handed out for examination, with routines for switching the ordinary spike after inspection.

Not sold to juveniles.

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