Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

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Here is an ideal stand-up effect based on an old gag and illustrated with your magic!

“Many, years ago” you patter, “there were two cute little bunny rabbits!” As if to illustrate your story you show their pictures, these are printed on card and laminated for long life. “Two cute little rabbits, I will count them – one, two and three!” You appear rather startled to discover you have three rabbits and not two – so you toss one of them to one side.

“I will start again – many years ago there were two little bunny rabbits – one, two and three!” To yours and the audience’s amazement you still have three rabbit cards in your hands. Again you toss one rabbit away. This counting of the two rabbits and discovering three is repeated twice more – to the wonderment of the entire audience and your apparent embarrassment.

Suddenly you seem to get a grip on yourself saying – “Ah – now I remember the story – many years ago there were two cute little bunny rabbits – one, two, three, four, five and six!” As you count you toss more and more rabbits aside – there are no longer three rabbits but a total of ten rabbits in all as you patter – “But today there are thousands of ‘em!” The rabbits have suddenly multiplied making a hilarious conclusion to a great piece of visual magical fun!

This will surely find a place in your programme and comes complete with all the professionally laminated cards and full instructions. Very easy to do.

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