Obstinate Feather

Obstinate Feather

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A superb visual running gag suitable for both the silent and the patter entertainer. Obstinate Feather is a great fun item that will put loads of laughter into your show!

Imagine this situation, you are part way through your performance when you notice a feather on the shoulder of your jacket. As unobtrusively as possible you pluck it off and toss it away, but the feather is having none of this – so it flies back onto your jacket once again. At first you don’t notice but once you do it becomes a distraction and you cannot wait to get it off and toss it from you – yes the feather simply flies back onto your jacket once again in the irritating way that feathers have!

Your battles with the Obstinate Feather while you try to entertain will at first fascinate, intrigue and eventually bring roars of laughter from your audience – children absolutely love it, letting you know that "it's back!"
It’s perfect for putting a touch of comedy into your dove act!

This is a sure-fire guaranteed show-stopping novelty that requires no real effort on your part – but will amuse and entertain the hardest of audiences. Entirely self-working –all you have to do is pick the feather off and toss it away – the set up that we supply will do all the rest.

Complete with the obstinate feather apparatus and full instructions. Sold at a bargain basement low price.

Only £7.99

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