Tail of a Donkey

Tail of a Donkey

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The Donkey’s Tail game is a firm favourite worldwide, so when you present this wonderful routine you are onto a winner right from the start. Ideal for children aged from three years to ninety-three years – they all adore it!

You show an A4 laminated picture of a cute Donkey all ready for action with bridle and saddle. The donkey has a loose tail and the idea is to close your eyes and stick the donkey’s tail on the proper place. There is a lot of fun here when you try to do this as you stick it anywhere except where the tail should be, so being a magician you decide to do things by magic.

You cause the tail to disappear with the help of a few magic words said by the audience and the wave of your magic wand – where can the tail be? Why on the donkey of course! But there has been a terrible mistake for when the donkey is shown THE TAIL HAS MAGICALLY APPEARED HANGING ON THE END OF HIS NOSE! The children love this and will scream with laughter. Saying that you will try again the tail is again removed from the donkey and again caused to vanish but it fails to appear on the donkey picture – where can it have got to? You turn around searching for it and the children will not be slow in telling you that it is now hanging not where it should be on the donkey but in the same embarrassing spot on the performer. “Oh dear!” you exclaim “That must mean that I am the donkey!”
Tail of a Donkey is for the fun performer that doesn’t mind making an Ass out of himself – take my word for it the children will love it – it is a riot in every show. Packs flat at the bottom of your briefcase this hilarious trick is very big on fun and laughter. Originally marketed by Supreme Magic Co and obtainable once again at the same price they were charging in 1981 – that has got to be a big bargain! Not to be confused with the more expensive USA version called Tail Spin and wrongly credited to Edwin Hooper – this uses the original inventor Charles A. Scott’s wonderful method and comes complete with a comedy routine of solid fun, laughter and mystery.

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