The Stroop Effect

The Stroop Effect

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This strange effect of colours combined with words was discovered in 1935 by the Dutch psychologist John Ridley Stroop and is now known, unsurprisingly, as ‘The Stroop effect’.

Magicians and mentalists will find what we offer here is ideal when performing any kind of magic of the mind as you can engage, confuse and amuse the entire audience when they try to call out the colours on an A4 card or read the words on two more cards! Very useful as an effective sequence of apparent thought control for those occasions you intend to present any effect using colours, words or anything to do with the mind.

The Stroop Effect is not a trick or an optical illusion more a way to confuse thinking and allow people to question their own perception. No deception is involved – you just pick up the colourful signs and ask the spectators to name the colours or read the words etc; the result is total confusion!

The Stroop Effect has proven to be ideal to help break down even the hardest audience. Use them for parties, cabaret or table-hopping and you truly will have something different to offer.

Supplied with the three specially printed A4 size laminated cards all ready for you to perform at your very next show.

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