Pseudo Analysis

Pseudo Analysis

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Here is a fascinating way to reveal the name of a chosen playing card, colour or word – anywhere at anytime.

You apparently analyse the replies that a spectator gives to you when they try to describe four odd-looking illustrations.

The effect finishes with a good laugh when you reveal the true meanings of the drawings. Very easy to do and always ready to perform.

A playing card is selected and remembered by any spectator. You show four drawings in turn and ask the spectator to turn the pictures in all directions and describe what they think each line sketch represents or suggests to them.

Whatever the spectator suggests from the first drawing you are able to correctly reveal the colour of the chosen card that it is either red or black.

Their interpretation of the second drawing allows you to correctly tell them the suit of their selected card.

Their analysis of the third drawing and you can reveal if their card is a picture card such as Jack, Queen or King; or a pip card represented by the ace to ten.

Finally following their study of the fourth card you are able to name that very card your participant has selected. You now reveal what each of the four drawing actually does mean for a really amusing and unusual laugh finish.

A surprising entertaining and easy-to-do psychological card mystery.

Comes with four laminated cards each with an unusual illustration. Use your own pack of cards, book test etc.

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