Speed Dating

Speed Dating

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Speed Dating is the twenty-first century way that boy meets girl and this effect provides great situation comedy based on this new craze! It has terrific audience appeal!

The backs of three pictures are showing through three A5 window envelopes. Each has the name of the female within; April, Kate and Mandy. Two gentlemen from your audience each get to choose a girl’s name and they can change their mind as often as they wish.

When the chosen pictures are shown – they are shockers to say the least! You are left with the final woman and she turns out to be an absolute stunner! Not only that, she has even brought her own money to pay for your night out together – a genuine twenty or fifty-pound note (depending on how rich you are as the money is really supplied by you – sorry!)

The cards are laminated for long life and well printed in full colour, your speed date stunner is most alluring while the “shockers” are twins and designed to get roars of laughter and leg-pulling for your two participants.

The trick is almost self-working and only requires presenting – no skill or sleight of hand is involved. Perfect for close-up and stand-up performances.

Supplied complete with instructions and THREE fantastic alternative routines!

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