The Missing Ring

The Missing Ring

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You give an audience member your jewellery box for safe custody and borrow a lady audience member’s finger ring – announcing that you will pass it mysteriously into the jewellery box – a magic word and the ring has gone!

From the jewellery box is taken a matchbox sealed with several rubber bands which is passed to the lady to open – with the instructions to take out her missing ring – unfortunately the matchbox proves to be empty!

There is a lot of fun of the ‘up the garden path’ variety in which you keep producing other matchboxes that when the lady opens them contain just a playing card, a phoney banknote, an I.O.U. and all manner of odd items left over from your previous shows but none prove to contain the lady’s missing ring.

In desperation you decide to give the lady the contents of one matchbox as compensation and she is allowed to choose which one by eliminating all the others until only one is left – which when she herself opens it does contain her precious missing ring!

The effect uses ordinary everyday properties – no fake or duplicate ring is used. Great fun and very easy to do!

All is fully explained in our Mr. E booklet.

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