Educated Rat

Educated Rat

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Pattering thus “In our present environment we are seldom less than a few feet away from a rat and I have the flute that belonged to the Pied Piper of Hamelin!”

You play the flute and imagine their consternation and surprise when a large rat runs across the floor or table towards them!

The realistic looking rodent that we supply is made of sponge foam and so is easy to conceal and produce from anywhere – under your chop cup – out of your prop bag etc and it will happily run over most flat surfaces in a very convincing manner, twisting and turning in true rodent fashion so don’t let the cat get anywhere near it!

Educated Rat is under the performer’s complete control at all times. It can also be used as a finger puppet still seeming to be alive whilst held in your hands.

The rodent is NOT of the wind-up clockwork variety but you will ‘wind up’ all your friends and audience members when he suddenly runs across the floor looking very lifelike!

Furthermore, with your secret assistance, the rat will correctly identify chosen playing cards, ESP symbols, colours, designs or whatever you wish for the amusement and edification of your audience.

This erudite rodent is also ideal to vanish in a Devil’s Handkerchief or similar prop or even by sleight of hand, at the finish of the routine.

Carry him cosily inside your pocket and he is all ready to perform anywhere, any time for you. Makes an unusual and loveable prop.

Comes complete with instructions for several entertaining magical routines – use your own flute, cards, Devil’s Hanky etc.

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