Fun with the Wilting Flower

Fun with the Wilting Flower

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I have been using a wilting flower (sometimes called a drooping flower), for most of my magical lifetime, over that time, I have devised several novel ways of using the flower. In this manuscript, I will explain ten of the best.

These include:
1.The Invisible Hair. 2. Bowing Flower. 3. Mindreading Flower. 5.Fun with Boy from the Audience. 5.Lie Detector.
6.Thief Detector. 7.Counting Flower. 8. Comedy Growing Flower. 9. Finding Flower. 10. Birthday Flower.

Routines are explained for both children & adults’ shows.
Suitable for close-up, cabaret, walkabout and stage.

Comes complete with one of the very best Wilting Flowers on the market today & Eddie's manuscript.

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