Birth of a Butterfly - Mr E

Birth of a Butterfly - Mr E

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An enchanting story effect for small children. The story you tell is all about Kenny the Caterpillar who dreams of cabbages.

As the story unfolds, a large cabbage appears which Kenny promptly eats. This gives you the chance to bring in some sensible eating advice for the small children present. By eating up his greens Kenny turns into a beautiful butterfly.

During the telling of the story that you illustrate with an A5 size picture card, the cabbage appears as if by magic, except the older children present suspect that you just turned the caterpillar card around showing the cabbage on the other side.

There is all the fun of the “turn it around” business until eventually you show on the other side a colourful picture of a pretty butterfly!

A dream to work as no flaps are used. The method will truly fool both the older children & the adults present as well!

Birth of a Butterfly is all ready to perform at anytime and it packs flat inside your case. A very handy item to have with you when you have small children in your audience!

Comes complete with the A5 sized cards & Eddie’s entertaining routine.

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