Balloon Modellers' Dream - New & Improved!

Balloon Modellers' Dream - New & Improved!

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Balloon Modellers’ Dream is ideal to carry in your pocket and perform anywhere at any time and if you can make a few simple balloon models then this is for you!

You show several small cards that have both pictures and names of various easy to twist balloon models. You read out some of the models such as a Swan, Giraffe, Poodle etc.

You pass the cards to a spectator or a child such as the birthday child, who is then asked to mentally choose any one model and to concentrate upon it. There is no force involved.

Slowly, as if reading their mind you select a balloon and start to model it with your back turned to the participant. Or with a little practice you can face them and model the balloon behind your back.

Finally, the spectator calls out the name of their chosen balloon model, for example a Swan, and you show that very same model you have made from the balloon!

Balloon Modellers’ Dream is ideal entertainment for children or adults.

Repeat it immediately if you wish, but on this occasion, the cards that contain their new choice of name can be hidden in their pocket so as to give you no clue, yet you can still reveal their choice exactly!

The special balloon cards have been made even more deceptive than ever before & you will simply amaze everyone leaving them with no clue to your mystery, and yet it is very easy to do.

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