Rabbit Repeat

Rabbit Repeat

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The Effect: You slowly count one by one; six laminated rabbit picture cards from hand to hand. Three rabbits are now counted and dropped into your pocket. You should have just three rabbits left. But when they are again counted – it is seen that you still have SIX rabbits!

Again three of the rabbits are discarded – yet when the remaining cards are counted – you still have SIX cards.

The effect is IMMEDIATELY repeated – six rabbit cards counted from hand to hand – three cards thrown away and you still have SIX rabbits!

The effect is performed to amusing patter lines, leading to an effective finish, which leaves the audience both bewildered and bemused!

You are going to love performing this with our newly designed set of cards, which makes this superb effect so very easy to do.

Supplied complete with special laminated rabbit cards, full routine and fully detailed instructions.

Many thanks for the 'Rabbit Repeat' which arrived at 8.30 this morning! [You must have your own special arrangement with the Post Office!] Excellent quality cards and logical routine fully explained. I like too the improved 'special' cards, making the handling much easier.
Thanks again. Best wishes, John Blackham.

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