Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Hunt

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Five jumbo cards are shown each of which has a colourful picture on it depicting life on the farm. One picture is an endearing looking rabbit named “Henry Hoppitt” who you tell the children loves to eat lettuces. Three of the pictures are farmers from neighbouring farms whose lettuces Henry enjoys and the fifth picture is of a scarecrow where Henry has his secret burrow.

The farmers decide to chase Henry off their lands with their pitchforks but they have difficulty catching that rascal rabbit. Discovering Henry’s hole – one farmer hides behind the scarecrow waiting for Henry to come home – and the other two chase him this way and that over the fields –it is all very exciting!

All comes right at the finish however, for with the children’s help and a magic word or two Henry vanishes and magically appears back home – while the farmer behind the scarecrow is magically transported back with the other two in the fields – so they all go home for their tea.

But what is hiding behind the scarecrow? Well that’s a big surprise with all the fun of “turn it around” that the children love to call, bringing the routine to a lovely climax – when you can lead the children in a “round of applause for Henry the rabbit!”

Only the five picture cards are used – no extra cards. No pockets or flaps to worry about making it possible to perform almost anywhere. The colourful cards are approx A5 size and are laminated for long life. No replacements are necessary. Packs flat in the bottom of your bag and always ready to perform – what more could you possibly want?

"Delighted with your Rabbit Hunt I have now used it several times and everyone loves it. It is so well made you should charge three times your present price for this wonderful item" Gary Richards; London W1

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