Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

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Noah’s Ark is a splendid trick that you can perform right under their noses and is partnered with a charming patter story concerning Noah’s boat, illustrated with twelve jumbo cards. Based on an effect by Nick Trost.

Twelve jumbo playing cards are freely shown two at a time representing the animals going into the Ark two by two.

The animals seem to have got themselves mixed up, as the cards are shown it is seen that each pair is a red and a black card and their values don’t match either.

A spectator holds the cards between their two palms to represent the Ark. Fortunately Noah was a clever magician and when the Ark is eventually opened the cards have magically rearranged themselves into their correct pairs both in colour and value!

Comes with twelve unfaked jumbo cards & instructions. You can however use ordinary cards from a borrowed pack if you so wish.

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