Flowers From Fingertips

Flowers From Fingertips

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You reach out into mid-air with your empty palm and pluck out a beautiful colourful rose at your fingertips.

This is placed into a bowl and you immediately reach out and pluck another and then another – as many as you like from anywhere, the children’s ears, under their chins and even from granddad’s beard.

Finally if you wish you could distribute genuine (or artificial) flowers to all the ladies present!

Adapted from the cigarette production gimmick, which was very popular in the past when smoking was more acceptable, this is a simple but highly effective item that is very easy to do and totally PC!

We supply the die punched metal gimmick with a realistic looking artificial rose that may be accepted as the real thing even close up.

If you intend to distribute flowers at the finish you would need to supply your own but of course you could tip up the bowl and the blooms have either disappeared or turned into something else such as confetti, colourful silks and ribbons, magicians’ Spring Flowers or even a beautiful garland which you place around your lovely assistant’s or your own neck.

The design of the special gimmick allows it to be secretly obtained and thus used at any point in your show.

Comes with the special gimmick & instructions. You supply a bowl (or paper bag/cone) and anything else you decide to use.

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