Rainbow Deck Prediction - Sale

Rainbow Deck Prediction - Sale

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You show a pack of playing cards face down, pointing out that all the cards have different designs on their backs. They really do make a colourful eye-catching display.

You choose two cards as your prediction cards and turn them face upwards. The pack is riffle-shuffled then handed to any spectator, who is instructed to count any number of cards – say between ten & twenty face down.

The point stopped at is marked by one of your face up prediction cards.

A second spectator counts another number – say between fifteen & twenty-five. Again the point stopped at is marked by your second face up prediction card.

Climax number one; the two stopped at cards exactly match in colour and value your prediction cards. For example the Two of Spades is matched with the Two of Clubs!

Climax number two; the colourful backs of the two prediction cards exactly match the backs of the chosen cards, although each and every other card can clearly be seen to have a different coloured back!

Climax number three; the full faces of the pack are shown and they are all the same card i.e. all the Eight of Hearts. The spectators have matched the only two odd cards in the pack and they are different coloured to the rest!

Rainbow Deck Prediction is a wonderful display card trick that you are going to love performing.

Comes complete with rainbow Deck & instructions.

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