Knockout Prediction Pack!

Knockout Prediction Pack!

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Just about the most impossible, card prediction ever! A spectator stops you on any card as you deal them FACE UPWARDS, yet you have predicted that very card & in a most novel and amazing manner. 100% certain & really easy to do!

Explaining that you are about to perform a card effect for the very first time, you remove the Joker and then show the pack with the cards faces towards the audience. They can see that the playing cards are all different and well mixed. Turning the pack face down, you start to deal cards one at a time FACE UP, into the spectator’s outstretched palm. She sees the face of every card clearly, just as they are dealt. You instruct the spectator to call stop at any time. She really can stop you on ANY CARD.

Let’s say the card stopped at is the four of spades. You explain that the trick is brand new and ask the spectator to help you further by reading the instruction of how you proceed. The spectator does so and is completely amazed that she has stopped you on the very card named in the instructions!

Please note: The ‘instructions/prediction’ forms part of the pack of cards you are using, so nothing extra is removed from your pocket, wallet or similar. Everything is in full view from the start of the effect. Easy to do, no memory work or skill is involved. Ideal for all performing situations.

Supplied with Bridge size cards.

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