Dial 'M' For Magic

Dial 'M' For Magic

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A feature effect suitable for close-up, walkabout and cabaret.

A playing card is freely chosen from an ordinary pack and may be signed across its face. The card is mixed inside the pack. You, the magician, will find it. Unfortunately all your attempts fail. Saying that you will need to “Phone a friend for help”, you take out your telephone address book, opening the pages to show they are all blank, save the usual printed areas for you to fill in with your friends names and telephone numbers. You explain that you don’t have many friends!

“M is for Magic”, you claim – so you open the pages at the index tab marked ‘M’ a face down playing card is seen to be occupying this page. You ask for the name of the chosen card – let us say it is the Queen of Spades (and it can be any card – no force). The card is removed and turned face upwards – not only is it the card just named – but there on its face is the spectator’s signature proving it is the very same card freely chosen earlier!

A truly stunning effect! Please note the following points: Any card can be chosen as the pack is completely unfaked. The card can be marked on its face for later identification (we suggest a small sticky label). There are no palming or similar skilful sleights required.

You can be performing this with just a little handling practice. Use your own pack. Easy-to-do.

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