Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

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Close-up and party magic or mentalism brings you into close contact with your audience.

Frequently, spectators will point to one of their number and tell you that “It is their birthday – can you do something special for them?” Well the good news is that now you can – something very special indeed.

You reach into your pocket or case and bring out a birthday card. Light colour for the ladies, darker colour for the gentlemen. Showing this, you present it to the birthday person wishing them a happy birthday and offering to show them a special card trick. The birthday boy or girl selects a playing card, remembers its name and then shuffles it back into the pack.

You will attempt to find it. You count down to the birthday date but it is the wrong card. You count down to the birth month and that’s the wrong card as well. The emergency card in your sock is wrong. Your wallet is a complete failure – you just cannot find the correct card no matter how you try!

Giving up, you offer to sign the birthday card casually asking, “What card did you choose?” The birthday lady will say the Queen of Hearts. The birthday gentleman will say the King of Diamonds.

With appropriate comments, i.e. “Well birthday girl, that explains it – today you really are the Queen of Hearts but why didn’t you say so in the first place?” So saying, you unfold the birthday card into a giant A4 size Queen of Hearts. (For the birthday boy you unfold the King of Diamonds).

The beauty of this entertaining and effective routine is that you leave the birthday card with their selected card printed on it for them to keep. Since it also just happens to have your name & contact details typed, (or a sticky label) on its back, they know exactly where to contact you when they next need a fantastic entertainer!

Comes complete with enough birthday cards for ten shows & instructions.

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