Jumbo Jets - Mre

Jumbo Jets - Mre

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Jumbo Jets uses no fakes, extra cards, double envelopes, palming or anything remotely similar.

It is so very easy to do, that you will be featuring it in your stage, cabaret or walkabout performances in a matter of hours.

Spectators examine two large envelopes; one has the colour RED and the other the colour BLACK written on each of them.

You also use six RED and six BLACK jumbo cards. The cards can also be thoroughly examined.

Incredibly, two of the freely selected cards pass from one envelope to the other!

No extra cards are used – it is the definitely same two freely thought–of cards that pass. You can even attach white stickers to them, which can be signed by any audience member.

The cards are 100% unprepared and genuine.

Once you know the clever secret you can perform it with any type or size of cards; jumbo, regular, ESP, children’s picture cards etc. Suitable for all age groups from small children who can count to adults.

"Jumbo Jets has to be one of the finest methods of ‘Cards Across’ ever!” Bob Eaton.

Comes with envelopes, jumbo sized playing cards, routine & instructions.

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