Double Card Prediction with Jumbo Playing Cards

Double Card Prediction with Jumbo Playing Cards

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Two spectators, a lady and a gentleman are invited to assist you. Each is given an envelope containing a single playing card. You explain that one card will represent the suit and the other card the value of another playing card.

Ten cards are now shown and may be examined. The two spectators now decide on a number between one and ten. The card at this number is freely counted to – let’s say it is the Six of Hearts.

The lady is asked to show her card representing the suit – it proves to be ‘Hearts!’ The gentleman shows his card representing the value – it proves to be ‘Six!’

The effect is simple, direct and totally baffling. All the cards are genuine – no fakes. Just twelve cards are used – two as your prediction cards and ten to choose from. No extra cards are used. The envelopes are completely unfaked. Your prediction will be different each time you perform it.

This is ideal as a feature cabaret effect in your magic or mentalism show. As frequently performed by Eddie in his fabulous ‘Mind Play’ show.

Supplied in jumbo sized cards ideal for cabaret.

“Don’t overlook this effect – it is good, practical and extremely entertaining.” Eddie Burke.

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