Ezy Jumbo Fred

Ezy Jumbo Fred

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Here is a fantastic jumbo card routine that is suitable for children or adults in your cabaret, close-up, stand-up or walkabout shows. Easy to do and reset in a moment.

You show a small packet of jumbo playing cards, fanning them out to show both their faces and backs.

Any spectator thinks of a number between “One and ten” – you claim that you can name the card that falls at their secretly thought of number – you name their card “FRED!” after your dog!

Just when they think it is all a gag, you ask them to name the freely thought of number, they do so and you openly count down to that number, showing the card arrived at. It has a picture of your dog “FRED” on it with his name in bold letters!

All the other cards can be displayed to show nothing is pictured on them, only the selected card has ‘Fred’.

Any number from one to ten can be named, including the numbers one and ten. No adding or subtracting.

Fred card can instantly be passed for examination.

Comes complete with the jumbo playing cards & instructions.

Also available on our website in Bicycle Poker Size cards

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