Credit Limit

Credit Limit

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Credit Limit is as wonderful close-up and walkabout effect as ever you could wish for.

Showing what you claim is a new style of credit card system, you show five cards each of which have a picture of credit cards on both sides, the cards are shown one by one and placed in a row on the table where they make an interesting and eye catching display.

Taking two of the cards which are again shown on each side, they are placed together and the spectator’s fingerprint taken – when the cards are separated it is seen that you have magically extracted £10 from their account!

This is repeated with a further two cards only this time you have taken £50 from their account, a third try and you have withdrawn a further £100 from their account.

The amounts magically appear in bold gold lettering on one side of each card – it is both astonishing and amazing for your audience to watch.

We are not going to give away the surprising climax here – sufficient to say that it is both equally baffling and very entertaining.

Please note the following points:
*Only five cards are used, no extras and they can be examined at the finish.
*Cards are large size approx. 9 x 14cm (3.5" x 5.5") laminated for long life.
*Reset in a moment and so always ready to perform!
*Easy to do!

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