Winners All!

Winners All!

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An entertaining Close-up Mystery. Looking for an easy-to-do but entertaining close-up mystery? Then look no further than Winners All.

You show ten playing cards face upwards – the cards are mixed suits but you clearly show that the values are from an ace through to a ten. You also show a valuable prize such as a mini bottle of whisky (not supplied) or take off your wristwatch, or place a £50 note in your top breast pocket. Any spectator names any number from one to ten (no force) and this card is placed face upwards on their palm. You are left with the other nine cards. You now show the backs of your cards one by one – they all show same the same thing boldly and permanently printed on their backs, the one word ‘WIN!’ The participant themselves turn over the card in their hand –it says ‘LOSE!’ – so the performer gets to keep the valuable prize! As a consolation you can always make them a balloon or give them a little gift.

The trick is always ready to perform. No rubbing out parts of words. Participant has a free choice of number from one through to ten! Very easy-to-do. 100% certain in action & ideal for walkabout.

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